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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> reporter: it's not just the price tag. they say bratton's policing strategies including his support of stop and frisk techniques aren't what oakland needs. >> oakland has rejected all of these brands of policing that he's famous for already. we rejected gang injunctions and curfews. >> bill bratton is one of the most prolific and profound policing minds in the country and we're fortunate to have him come here and help us understand the dynamics of oakland. >> reporter: oakland's police chief is pushing hard to get bratton with the city's crime rate climbing, he says he needs all the help he can get. >> what happened over this weekend in oakland is a clear sign to us -- >> reporter: earlier today the city council finance committee approved more than $5 million in help including money to hire 21 civilian police technicians and funds for ten sheriff's deputies to hit the streets of oakland for up to six months.
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>> it's not just whether we say we care about fighting crime. it's whether we are actually funding enough personnel so that you have the boots on the ground to respond to 911 calls. >> reporter: again, demonstrators are inside city hall right now as we speak up in the council chambers trying to make their voices heard. again, the police chief and city leaders support the plan. if the committee approves it tonight, the full city council will have the final word next week. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you. right now marin county is holding its first ever gun buyback event. it's clearly a hit. so many people turned out to trade their guns in for cash that organizers ran out of money. the event runs until 8:00 tonight. those that are still in line or show up now will be given an iou to be redeemed in 30 days. the county is offering up $200
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per firearm and say there will be no questions asked. many people who showed up to turn in their guns today cited the sandy hook school massacre as a reason why. otherwise said it was simply time. >> i have had them for years. i don't use them. i don't feel i need to keep them around. cash is better at this point, you know, in the year. pay some bills. >> reporter: the dea will work for the next month to raise more buyback money. all of the guns collected today will be destroyed. they now have a face and a name. san francisco police have identified the suspect in a crime that left a little dog dead. tonight detectives are working to track down this man. they say he's the man who robbed a woman last month as she got out of her car. investigators say he also then grabbed her 12-year-old dog named roxie and through the dog into traffic when he only got a few bucks off the woman. roxie died hours later at an animal hospital.
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if you know about barrett's whereabouts, you're asked to call police. governor brown was in san jose today to sign an agreement for online courses that brings together a silicon valley startup and san jose university. the goal is to help students graduate faster. kris sanchez joins us from san jose state campus. you know online courses are nothing new. what sets this apart here? >> reporter: this one is modeled a little bit differently. if it works, it means that san jose state students and the rest of the csu students will have a better chance of graduating within four years time. what that means for them is a savings in how much it costs to go to college. what it means for the csu system is they will be able to enroll more students more quickly. san jose state junior spent most of the time serving courses that the university requires. >> it took time. that was the whole first year
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trying to just cover courses that you could have just knocked out two classes. >> reporter: for many students like garcia, the longer it takes to graduate, the more they owe in student loans. that's why governor jerry brown reached out to founders of a silicon valley online based company. now they will apply their model to csu courses for local students working toward degrees. >> we got to invest in earning, in teaching, in education and we do that not by just the way we did it a hundred years ago. >> reporter: today governor brown was all smiles and tomorrow they demand that they explain their online failure. only one nonstudent enrolled after the uc system spent more than $4 million to market an online program to students and nonstudents. by contrast, csu model is built for an existing audience of students looking for matt and statistic courses they must have
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to graduate and the price just $150 a course. >> if you try to staff those classes and we have a strong human element to help even the weakest students and the students that need extra attention. >> reporter: at this staffing agency where they know how much employers value education, the idea of making graduation more assessable is good news. >> as long as you can always make sure it's that individual that's getting their degree and doing the work is also important, i think it's a wonderful tool and wonderful resource. >> reporter: garcia wishes she could have gone online years ago. >> it make a lot of students' lives easier by doing that. >> reporter: this is just a pilot program of 100 students but the university spokeswoman says that it also represents the president of the university's vision that early course work should be standardized so universities can focus attention and resources on the later classes closer to graduation. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you. police meanwhile in
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cupertino are investigating a big rig crash that left a woman dead today. around 7:00 this morning the woman was hit while walking in a crosswalk near foothill boulevard and cupertino road. police have not released the woman's name or age but witnesses do say she was elderly. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor and the big rig driver is cooperating with police. a gruesome discovery across from a local university. a man's body found stuffed in the trunk of his own car. the body was found monday evening on petaluma hill road in a no parking zone near the sonoma state campus. deputies first noticed blood on the driver's side of the car. they say the trunk was unlocked and then discovered the body inside. investigators say the victim is a sonoma county man who has a criminal history and had been involved in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend just last week. police say a motive for the crime is still unclear. >> they're going to process the vehicle for any kind of fingerprints or any physical
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evidence that may lead us to the person that drove the vehicle to that location. >> investigators say the man's girlfriend is safe tonight and is not considered a suspect in her boyfriend's death. investigators also say it appears the car had been in that no parking zone since saturday. no word yet on the exact cause of death. a man found dead at a petaluma recycling center may have been crushed to death. investigators say there's no evidence of foul play that it appears that 30-year-old's death was an accident. they think diaz took shelter inside a dumpster and it was emptied into a garbage truck that morning. an historic landmark is badly damaged tonight and investigators are not ruling out arson. the early morning fire that burned the pier near the sugar
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refinery is labeled suspicious. the fire was reported just before 4:00 a.m. on the waterfront just east of the carquinez bridge. the 100-year-old structure was also the scene of a fire just two years ago. there were no injuries from this morning's blaze. the close knit community of petaluma is coming together again tonight to remember the teenager found dead in a tahoe snow bank. 19-year-old alyssa byrne's body was found after a concert she attended in tahoe. her friends are organizing a concert in her memory. the program will be connected to the pol polly klaas foundation. tickets will be available through local music stores. still ahead, a passionate plea to help preserve history. a firsthand account of the holocaust from a woman who lived through it. we sit down for a one-on-one
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interview with a relative of anne frank to talk about the lessons she wants to make sure no one forgets. i'm scott budman at facebook headquarters with a new way for you and your friends to search. a chance for big waves. why organizers of a ledgeagenda surf contest are optimistic about this weekend. a major warmup coming our way. it's chilly outside now but it won't get as cold for tomorrow morning. i'll have full details coming up in just a few minutes. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
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[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] we all search the web but now we'll be able to search our friends and their preferences when it comes to restaurants, vacations, photos and whatever. facebook rolling out a new way
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to search today. let's go to facebook headquarters in menlo park this evening where scott budman was at today's big announcement. how is mark zuckerberg today? what was his mood? >> reporter: he seems to be in a good mood but he has a problem to solve. facebook has a ton of information on the site and many users but bringing the two together have never been easy. they hope a new search tool will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. say you're shopping for a new mobile device. you can search google and there will be information on gadgets. or you can soon try facebook's new search tool called graph search and ask your friends without bothering them what they like. >> i need a plumber. i need a dentist. i need a doctor. and normally we would ask our friends for that stuff. that's how we used to do things for decades or hundreds of years
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and then along came the search engines and we stopped asking our friends and started asking these things that didn't know us very well. >> reporter: graph search finds answers from people do you know tapping into your network of contacts and the information they shared on facebook. facebook is taking aim at companies known for search like google, yahoo! and twitter even integrating microsoft's binge search engines into its products. >> it shows you the solution. >> reporter: any time facebook mentions data, users think security concerns. and now your data is searchable. >> any information that you put on there that's public is searchable. it's going to be found by someone so really pay attention to your privacy settings. pay attention who who can see what you're putting on there and really fine tune that. >> reporter: more reason to think about what you're posting because there is now more
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information at your and your friends' fingertips. facebook will make it easier for you to adjust your privacy settings. the company says it will roll out the search gradual over the next few months. in menlo park, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. the dow and the s&p 500 reversed their losses to finish higher today. stronger than expected retail data is to thank for high closes. apple weighed down the market for a third day in a row. as a result investors hesitated ahead of major earnings reports coming out. the dow did record a historic high. the index climbed 15% in just the last two months. speaking of apple again, it fell more than 3% to end a $485 a share today reaching an 11-month low. weaker than expected iphone 5 sales are to blame as well as increased competition from other
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companies like samsung. apple shares hit an all-time high of 705 when the iphone 5 was released. they have since lost about a quarter of their value. apple stock has lost 7% in just the last three sessions. we have breaking international news now with a local impact. the 787 dreamliner is now grounded. the entire fleet of the 787 dreamliner is being grounded after a plane had to make emergency landing this afternoon in japan. no one was hurt in the latest incident. in the last if you weeks the 787 have experienced a wide variety of problems. in july debris falling from the engine of a 787 on a runway in south carolina started a fire that led to the airport being temporary shutdown. in september, the ntsb made two urgent safety recommendations to fix general electric engines which are used in dreamliners
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and other planes. ge, a part owner of nbc. last month united airliners dreamliner traveling from houston to new jersey made an emergency landing in new orleans when a power generator failed and just last friday an ana dreamliner in japan was delayed due to an oil leak. now officials like we said once again just a little while ago have grounded the entire fleet of ana 787s. san francisco is cracking down on smoking again. now you can still smoke on a public street unless the city closes off the street for a fair or festival. the board of supervisors approving an ordinance mandating that promoters post signs saying that outdoor events are smoke-free events. could the bay area's biggest airport change its name? a san francisco lawmaker today introduced legislation to rename sfo harvey milk san francisco international airport. milk was the first openly gay
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lawmaker. he needs five other supervisors to agree before it can go on the november ballot. if the charter amendment passes s sfo would be the first airport named for someone who is openly guy. it would cost a quarter of a million dollars to change the name. campos says he would seek private funding so the city wouldn't bear the expenses. the window could be opening on the surf contest. certain weather continues need to line up just right. organizers say sunday could be the day but they'll know more on thursday. the mavericks website say swell bottles are holding up but they need the wind to cooperate. once organizers decide on the day, they'll notify the 24 world class surfers who will converge on half moon bay from wherever they are around the world. about a third of them live in santa cruz so it's a short commute. the best way to view the event
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is online. >> let's check in with jeff to see what he thinks about this. it will be a little warmer. >> some of that heat that we're going to see inland will help to create a bit of a wind gradient and could kick up the waves quite a bit. by thursday and friday we'll have a better idea of what could happen this upcoming weekend. speaking of the weather, well, it has been downright cold out here. 20s and plenty of widespread low 30s this morning. it's been unbearable for a lot of you and had to do scraping on the windshield, we had awesome sunsets to start off with. sunrises excuse me. look at this photo from my weather watcher in milpitas. you can see incredible colors. that's set off by the pollution in the lower atmosphere as the sun rises or sets the past few days. the same pattern that produced cold air is trapping a lot of pollution down near the surface and all that sun is bouncing off the pollution particles and creating this. now also very cold up at lake tahoe. jim foster our photo journalist gets the most incredible
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assignments. on monday it was minus 11 across the lake at heavenly resort and today 8 degrees. that's a warmup. people are bundled up. not as much as they were on monday. they'll get warmer over the next couple days as that sierra snow pack is doing incredible 117% of normal across the central sierra. 129% for the northern end of the sierra snow pack. current numbers low to mid 40s up in the north bay and east bay and you're probably going, okay, we've been talking about this warmup. doesn't feel warmer at this hour. just hold on. what we expect is for tonight temperatures to not drop off quite as much so you'll need a jacket. it's going to be cold out there even for tomorrow morning but we do know we're going to have anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees of warming not only for the morning but also by the afternoon. high pressure building in from the west to help keep it mild throughout the next two days. we'll get hazy sunshine in here. temperatures will pop up into the 60s but we'll have some moderate air quality to be concerned about.
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if you do suffer from allergies, respiratory problems it could be tough throughout wednesday and also on thursday. we'll have sunshine throughout the entire day no matter where you are at the coast, bay and inland with temperatures in the mid 50s by the afternoon. we'll have more on that seven-day forecast on when we may see rain get close to the bay area later on in the show. >> we'll sew ye you shortly. what we're learning tonight about the pan piloting the ship that hit the bridge. the new link between women and heart problems. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmm, tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts.
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so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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time to talk taxes with passage of proposition 30 more californians pay the highest state income tax in the nation. will the latest bump push them out? we bring in larry gerston and there's a lot of money at stake here. >> we need wealthy people here. that's for sure.
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here's why, jessica. before proposition 30 passed, the wealthiest 1% of californians paid 40% of all state income taxes or about $20 billion annually. that's particularly important because the income tax itself accounts for more than 60% of the state general fund. and the proportion paid by the wealthy will be even higher once proposition 30 kicks in. >> it's not really realistic to think that rich people will up and leave the state. >> there are no indication of wealthy flight that's for sure. it's just the opposite. according to public policy institute of california, the ones that leave every year have low incomes, little education and higher unemployment rates more so than the state as a holhol whole. even after voters pass the millionaires tax in 2004, the state still maintained the percentage of the ultrarich. no flight. >> is there a point at which the
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rich say, okay, if you're going to keep taxing ining me at thi why would i stay here? >> they don't leave because many are rooted here because of their jobs. think venture capitalist. others rely on social networks and those with businesses depend or interact with other local businesses. of course others stay because of the wonderful nature of the state regardless of the cost. they just appreciate the unbelievable climate and geography. the fact is that wealthy people don't have to worry about poor schools. why? they live in affluent school districts. they don't have to -- or they send their kids to private schools instead. they don't have to worry about crime because they live in gated communities. they're not leaving. >> is there a breaking point at some point in this or is this going to be continued to have affluent people be taxed more? >> you ask the $64,000 question. it might be a dangerous leap of faith if we think they're never going to leave. that's for sure.
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there will be a day when another new tax may be enough to push people out. irrespective of their financial success. we know this. the more governments rely on many revenue sources, distributed revenue sources if you will, the less anyone will worry about being overtaxed. here's this. before proposition 30 expires, state leaders may want to consider varied revenue streams instead of the current concentrated system which leans so heavily on the wealthy that one day they may turn around and say we have enough. >> variable sources are always better. thank you very much, larry. still ahead, what's next for lance armstrong. the potential legal trouble he could now be facing. i'm janelle wang. the toughest gun control law in the nation. violence in syria escalates. san jose's interim police chief is set to take over in just a few days.
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coming e ining up, find out whas are his top priorities.
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in just a few days, san jose's police department will be under new leadership. as we first told you on monday, larry esquivel will serve as acting chief. today we're hearing from him for the first time. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live from the police department with more. does he think he can make significant change in such short time? >> reporter: yes, he does, jess when it comes to morale. here's why. he really knows this department. he's been here 27 years. he rose up through the ranks and he knows what cops are dealing with out on the streets. in just a few days, larry esquivel will become san jose's new acting police chief. he has 27 years with the force. >> he has the respect of the rank and file. he came up through the ranks. he worked some of the most high profile units we have including
6:29 pm
narcotic, covert investigations and worked ia. he has a varied background as far as that's concerned and will show empathy for officers and what they're going through right now. >> reporter: the president of the san jose police officers association says that experience will go a long way to help boost morale and keep officers in the department. a big challenge since last year for the first time in the department's history, more cops resigned than retired. esquivel says his top priority are boosting morale and retention. >> the first order of business is just as i'm doing now is to really update and talk to the rank and file and let them know about myself and who i am and that i am committed and i'm here to represent them. >> reporter: he'll leave 1,000 officers grappling with growing crime and a shrinking staff. last year san jose saw it's highest homicide rate in two decades with 46 people murdered.
6:30 pm
esquivel says he hopes to help officers do more with less. >> a certain amount of officers that are leaving and we need to work smarter and i think technology is going to help us. >> reporter: some officers predict esquivel will be on the job at least six months while the city searches for a new permanent chief. a job esquivel says he doesn't want. why didn't you put your hat in the ring for the chief's job. at the time it was a personal decision. at the time it wasn't right for me. >> reporter: he has every intention of fighting crime and fighting for officers. the interim chief plans to foster better communication between the community and the department. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. breaking news in san francisco, sfpd is on the scene of a barricaded subject. some streets are blocked off in
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the richmond district because of the police presence. we're gathering more details and we'll bring them to you as soon as they come into our newsroom. tonight we have new information about the tanker that hit the bay bridge last week. a san francisco port agent tells the mercury news that bar pilot guy kleess made a last-minute course change right before hitting a tower on the western span of the bridge. kleess had planned to go between the two towers near the middle of the bridge but then tried to turn the tanker to go through a different opening causing him to sideswipe one of the tankers. it's unclear why he made the last-minute change. investigators are not commenting on the recent report as their investigation continues. new york state makes some major moves. lawmakers passing the nation's toughest gun control law in response to the newtown shooting massacre. janelle wang is here with more. >> it bolsters the current law on assault weapons and
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strengthens rules that prevent mentally ill from obtaining firearms. tomorrow president obama will announce his proposals including a ban on high capacity magazines and stricter background check system. today vice president joe biden presented his findings to the president after a week and a half of meetings with bay area groups including the national rifle association and video game makers and mental health experts. there's a political fight to any gun control measures that los support since the newtown massacre. a moving tribute for one of the victims of that shooting. the town a teacher who shielded her students from the gunman inside sandy hook will be honored. the new school is set to open in 2014. an extremely violent day in syria after twin explosions at a large university. the explosions killed more than 80 people. each side of the syrian conflict is blaming the other for the
6:33 pm
attack. the nearly two-year civil war killed at least 60,000 people. more than 50 countries on the u.n. security council want syrian war crimes referred to the international criminal court. russia is against it. international efforts are intensifying in support of france's efforts to weed out rebels. france has sent hundreds of soldiers to the former french colony to stop the rebels with links to al qaeda from taking over the country. the u.s. says it will not send troops but plans to send logistical and intel equipment. france buried its first casualty today. a pilot whose helicopter was shot down by rebels. u.n. inspectors are on the way to iran. iran continues to maintain the nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes only. pakistan's prime minister a wanted man. today the country's supreme
6:34 pm
court ordered his arrest for corruption. he's accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes if exchange for approval of two major power plants. this could cause chaos in a politically unstable country. raj? thank you, janelle. property crimes on the rise in california and prison realignment may be partially to blame. in 2011 the supreme court ruled california must reduce the state prison population by sending criminals to county jails. some law enforcement officials say that some counties lock up criminals for shorter periods or put them under house arrest. >> the alternatives were not good. there was no good solution. only varying degrees of bad. unfortunately that which many have anticipated and predicted would take place has taken place and i don't see any end in sight. >> governor brown recently announced a plan to fight the federal government in court over its prison realignment mandate.
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one of the world's biggest retailers is pledging to hire veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. walmart now says it will hire more than 100,000 veterans over the next five years. the hiring begins on memorial day and covers veterans within 12 months of leaving active duty. most of the jobs will be in walmart stores or sam club's locations. others will be in the company's distribution centers. first lady obama is calling the decision historic. oprah winfrey described her 2 1/2 hour bettinterview with armstrong. the 31-year-old armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles because of doping which he denied for years. armstrong came ready to confess that he did indeed take performance enhancing drugs during his record setting career. >> i went in prepared to have to
6:36 pm
dig and pull and reference. i didn't have to do that. he was pretty forthcoming. >> she was on the cbs "morning show" this morning. armstrong damaged the lives of many people who accused him of doping over the years. his confession could also lead to criminal perjury charges against armstrong for lying during legal depositions. still ahead, equal stude opportunity when it comes to contraception. the choice that could be available soon to men. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. a lot of sunshine for today. it is hazy out there. as we head throughout tomorrow, we're going to find that sun continuing with temperatures in the mid 50s. a spare the air alert is in effect as we'll have poor air quality into the north bay. we'll have details on your weekend forecast and much warmer weather in minutes.
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a birth control pill for men could soon be available as well as injections, creams and maybe even implants. men produce 1,000 perm per second. researchers are working on a pill that would bring that number down to zero. it works by blocking vitamin a from helping development of sperm. tests in mice show it works 100% of the time. if you have them, you know what the word aura means. migraines that mean speckled things. women who suffer from migraines are aura are at greater risk for health problems. these migraines are the second largest contributor to risk of heart attack and stroke. ready for the big game on sunday? one win away from the super bowl. these are high times for the
6:40 pm
49ers and 49ers fans and here comes the national hype. the cover of "sports illustrated" magazine. a lot of 49ers are ready. hot hand colin kaepernick holy -- the declaration shout it from the mountain top. you were dead on about colin kaepernick. he was a superstar leading the 49ers past the packers last weekend. niners pass the falcons in atlanta on sunday afternoon for the conference championship. >> what kind of weather will they have in atlanta? is it too tough a question? >> it's a dome. >> all right. never mind. it is so cold outside. we'll talk about a weekend warmup coming our way in just a
6:41 pm
few minutes. the bay area is about the 49ers as the quest for a sixth super bowl title heats up. up next, we head out to santa clara to check in as 49ers prepare for their nfc title game showdown down in atlanta with the falcons. that's what's coming up in sports. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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more than six decades after the end of world war ii the story of anne frank's diary is a firsthand account of the holocaust. joe rosato, jr., sat down with anne frank's stepsister. >> she was tested in her clothes and hairstyles and in boys. >> reporter: when she was 11 years old growing up in amsterdam, she met an outgoing young neighbor named anne frank. >> she wrote little stories and but of course nobody expected that she would become known. >> reporter: as war gripped the country, they were in the same nightmare at frank. jewish refugees hidden in an
6:44 pm
apartment. >> they quickly went into this hiding place and hoped they would not find us. >> reporter: like frank, her family was discovered and sent to the concentration camp. her forearm bears the tattooed number of her stay. it would be the last she would see of her father and brother. >> this was for my mother and me the hardest after the war to cope with, the loss of your family in this horrible way. >> reporter: after the war, she returned to amsterdam. her mother would later marry anne frank's father. with the discovery of his daughter's diary frank devoted his life to telling his daughter's story despite the painful memories. >> the film was made. the play was made and he never went to see either. he said he couldn't face the
6:45 pm
family portrait on the play. >> reporter: at the same time she struggled with her own memories. >> i got married in '52 and i never talked to my husband about it nor to my children. >> reporter: a lecture planned for wednesday night was moved to oakland's kaiser center to accommodate the crowd. >> they ask me questions and can i give you a hug and never met a jew or holocaust survivor. it's quite amazing. >> reporter: in her 80s, she says the story she tells needs to be heard so somehow they'll live on in generations far removed from the horrors of war. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> she will tour at least -- excuse me. >> she will tour at least ten california synagogues and wants the public's memory of the holocaust survivors like her to
6:46 pm
live on. the united states was setting heat records last year, the world as a whole barely slipped into the top ten in terms of hottest years on record. climate scientists from nasa say it's evidence that man-made climate change is happening. global warming skeptics claim the world hasn't warmed in the last 16 years but each decade is warmer than the last. it's not warm around here. >> not warm at all. i don't think 60 counties as warmer as jeff keeps telling us it will be 60. >> 66 in the seven-day forecast. we'll have to wait until we get here to that day of course until we start to get that warmup. let's move on. i can't get my tongue working right now. doppler radar is dry. no storm activity. we're also very clear. that enabled temperatures this morning to drop colder than many of the east coast locations that you typically think that are the coldest like dallas at 29. new york city, 37.
6:47 pm
philadelphia, 37. washington, d.c. at 40. our own gilroy dropped down to 25. bay area colder than much of the nation this morning. now let's bring you into the current temperatures. still very chilly out here. we have 39 in novato. 41 in napa. also 44 in livermore. even a few 30s starting to pop back across the east bay including danville and pleasanton. what will happen by tomorrow morning is some warmer air aloft even though conditions are going to be similar down at the lower levels. it's going to start to create this bubble of warmth across the bay area and that will help prevent temperatures from getting as cold as they have been the past couple of nights. let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network tonight. we do have plenty of clear skies but you'll notice the haze back there toward the back of your screen. that is in san jose. also up into san francisco it's a beautiful night where that air traffic is even visible at the top of your hd screen. here's the thing that will change the weather pattern for us. it's high pressure out here in the same position for about the past seven to eight days.
6:48 pm
the jet stream has been in the same spot pushing that cold air all of the way down to southern california and what we need is high pressure to get in gear and to move a little bit more to the east. it looks like that's going to happen over the next 12 to 18 hours and push cold air out of here. good-bye. see you later. a mild stretch of weather. it won't definitely warm us up by 20 degrees but we'll go about a good five to ten degrees warmer across the bay area into this upcoming weekend. places like petaluma will go from 50 today to 64 by saturday. walnut creek from 55 to 62 and palo alto expecting 66 by the first day on your weekend. tonight it will be chilly. we'll have a few areas of patchy frost but the freeze warnings and frost advisories have been canceled. it won't be as widespread cold as for the past five nights. we'll have 28 in santa rosa. best chance of frost there. 29 in napa. 40 in oakland. 34 in los gatos. 36 in san jose. and also 30 in livermore. even for folks in the east bay,
6:49 pm
you'll likely have patchy frost. throughout wednesday a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. it will be hazy. spare the air day in effect. we'll likely pop up to near 60 here in san jose. 61 in fremont. 58 in castro valley. 55 in danville. 57 in livermore and 55 in pleasanton and for san francisco 60 for you. 61 in santa rosa. 56 expected in half moon bay. dry throughout wednesday, thursday and also on friday. there's 64 degrees. that's warmer. then as we head throughout saturday, here we go. there's your 66. a lot warmer there as we head throughout the weekend and look at that on sunday. it's like a spreadsheet here. we manage to squeeze in that weather for the 49ers in atlanta. 49ers. atl. otherwise known as atlanta. 50s and sunny. that was better than a twitter feed there. how can i fit the weather in two lines. i did it. less than 120 characters. >> thank you, jeff.
6:50 pm
speaking of 49ers, let's get to sports. jim joins from us our comcast sports net newsroom. everyone and their uncle predicts 49ers will win. that makes them nervous. >> it does. second nfc championship game appearance in two seasons, the 49ers are once again painting the bay area red and gold as momentum builds and they look to reach the super bowl. forget it's the first time in 18 seasons. mindi bach has been on the 49ers beat all season long and joins us from the team facility down in santa clara. how do they slow down falcons quarterback matt ryan? >> reporter: that's a good question. when it comes to a pocket passer, matt ryan is it. consider this colin kaepernick had 40 more rushing yards in his one playoff game than ryan had in all 16 of his regular season games combined. getting to ryan in the pocket will be the challenge for the
6:51 pm
49ers defense this sunday. matt ryan sits comfortably in the pocket all season long after 16 games he stood alongside peyton manning as having completed the highest percentage of passes in the league. >> he's smart. he knows where he wants to go with the ball. he knows the offense. he's been in it for a good amount of years. he knows what he wants to do with the ball. you give him time, with the weapons they have, he'll have a field day. >> reporter: ryan often gets the time he needs. he was sacked only 28 times during the regular season and is among the top ten quickest quarterbacks in getting the ball out. >> sometimes they get rid of the ball quicker than you would like them to. our cornerbacks are doing a great job and a week of letting them know what looks they're going to get. they are playing good on the back end. they are building us up in a lot of situations. >> reporter: with two 1,000 yard
6:52 pm
receivers and more than likely the true pressure on ryan will come from the 49ers defensive backfield. players say they need a better outing this sunday than they did against the packers. >> people cut holes in our defense or us just not being focused in the back end on whatever it is. a lack of communication. we suffer that a little bit in the first half last game against green bay. the communication wasn't up to par until we came back and settled in at halftime and got it rolling again. >> we face guys like this all year. calvin johnson. larry fitzgerald. brandon marshall. we faced a who's who of wide receivers. we understand that they have unique talent. we have good talent. this game will come down to who is more prepared and who wants it more. >> reporter: there was insight as to why smith has not had a sack over the last four games. he said offenses are sliding their protections in front of
6:53 pm
smith and that's preventing him from getting to the quarterback as often as he usually has but he says smith has done a great job in continuing to edge in the run game and has no doubt the sacks will return. in santa clara, mindi bach, nbc bay area. >> thanks very much. john madden welcomed our cameras on his legendary cruiser tuesday afternoon to talk a little pig skin. who does the legendary broadcaster believe have the best shot at the title this season? >> i think the 49ers chances are great. they are playing very well now. i think that it's important to be peaking as you go into the playoffs. the 49ers are. they got that quarterback colin kaepernick thing kind of straightened out and settled down. and then as they play i thought they got better of all of the teams in the tournament. they run the ball the best.
6:54 pm
i think they stop the run the best. >> your super bowl prediction? >> 49ers. >> there you have it. spoken by a man who knows a little something about the national football league and maybe that will give the luck the 49ers need coming up on sunday and moving forward. that's going to do it for us. more on the 49ers/falcons game at 11:00. you're right, raj, it went from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2. everyone thinks the 49ers will live on sunday. >> don't say it out loud. stop it. >> even coach madden from the raiders predicted the 49ers. how about that? thanks. for a full half hour of local sports coverage including more on the 49ers, watch sports net central on come cart sports net bay area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
final word from jeff over the next couple days when we can expect the great warmup. >> it's going to get here. even more for tomorrow. and then as we head throughout thursday and friday low to mid 60s. saturday looks like one of the warmest days of the week. we'll look at 66 degrees. it will be cool to start but not as cold as it has been the past couple days. we expect over the next several mornings temperatures in the 30s to also low 40s. we're going to be out of the widespread 20s like we had this morning. that's a bit of good news. >> yes, it is. >> chilly but beautiful outside. >> it is. >> have a great evening. hope to see you at 11:00. ♪
6:58 pm
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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